My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: Surround Your Sound

Surround Your Sound

The first step to building a speaker box is to determine what size it needs to be. Your box should be just larger than your sound driver. Also you will need to pick a wood before you can begin production. Particle board is a good choice for this type of project because it is inexpensive and the sound interacts well with it.

Next cut a circle large enough for your driver. Mount the driver on the board by running screws through the holes on the edge of your driver. Cover theses with black speaker cloth, by stapling the cloth to the edges of the board. Make a hole on the back of the box so that you can run the wiring out. It is now time to put the rest of the box together.

It is a good idea to glue your box together and then add screws. This will make a sturdier box. Also before attaching the final panel, fill the box with insulation to help protect the sound. The more insulation use the more solid your sound will be. Polyfil makes a good choice for insulation and can be bought cheaply anywhere that sells craft supplies. Another good idea is to use a caulking agent on the edges. This will prevent sound escape. Your speakers are now ready to connect.

There are many ways to connect speakers. I feel the easiest is series mode. For this simply connect the red wire (positive) from the amplifier to the positive output on your speaker. Then connect the negative connection (this may be any one of an assortment of colors but the positive is always red) on that speaker to the positive connection on the next. Repeat this step until all speakers are connected. Connect the negative on the last speaker to the amplifier.

Building and installing a speaker box can be much easier than it seems. Go slowly and take it step by step. Soon you will find your done.
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