My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: Infinity Car Speakers-Tips

Infinity Car Speakers-Tips

So you want to enhance the sound quality of your in car stereo system? One of the best ways to do this is to rip out the factory speakers and install one of the many different types of Infinity car speakers instead.

Infinity car audio speakers are designed to produce a reasonable sound volume. You can improve this by adding an amplifier and a subwoofer to your automobile. These two pieces of kit will help to give you a total surround sound effect. You can overdo it though so if the music from your newly installed system sounds rather fuzzy, you should reduce the volume level of the amplifier.
I would definitely leave the amplifier and sub to the experts to install. In fact to be honest, I would let them do the whole lot. But I know some of you will want to replace the speakers yourself. Unless you are mechanically minded, installing speakers may not be as simple as it looks. Although instructions come in the pack, they cannot cover every make and model of car available so may not be as comprehensive as you need them to be.
Don't forget to disconnect the negative battery lead before you start work. We don't want any nasty surprises. You should keep the new speakers in their packaging until you are ready for them. They should glide very easily into their new home so never force them or you will end up causing damage.
If you have to cut anything to make room, please be careful with the fuel, hydraulic, electrical and vacuum lines. More than one would be engineer has drilled through these rather important parts of the engine!
If in doubt, don't try to save a couple of dollars installing your new Infinity Car Speakers yourself but instead ask your local friendly authorized retailer to do it for you.
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