My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: 270.000 Vehicles Have faulty Engines, Toyota Said

270.000 Vehicles Have faulty Engines, Toyota Said

Visitors look at Toyota's Lexus IS 350 in a Toyota showroom in Tokyo Thursday, July 1, 2010. Toyota Motor Corp., Thursday approximately 270,000 cars sold worldwide, including the Lexus luxury sedan, has a broken machine, the latest quality hose to hit a car following a massive global recall.
TOKYO, - Toyota Motor Corp, Thursday approximately 270,000 cars sold worldwide - including the luxury Lexus sedans - have damaged the engine, the latest quality hose to beat car following a massive global recall.

Japan's best-selling Yomiuri daily said in its evening edition that Toyota will inform the ministry of transportation of a recall on Monday. paper cited no sources.

Toyota spokesman Hideaki Homma said the company is evaluating measures to overcome problems that can damage the engine stall while the vehicle moves. He would not confirm the recall is being considered.

This car has been working to mend its reputation after a recall of more than eight million vehicles around the world because of unwanted acceleration and other disabilities.

Of the 270 000 vehicles with engine problems, some 180 000 are sold abroad and the rest in Japan. They include seven popular and Crown luxury sedan Lexus models.

Toyota said it has received about 200 complaints in Japan for more than a broken machine. Some drivers say that Toyota's engine makes a strange noise. Homma said no accident report related to a broken machine. Shares of automakers fell 2.3 percent to close at 3010 yen in Tokyo on Thursday.

U.S. government slaps recently Toyota with a good record of $ 16,400,000 for acting too slowly to recall vehicles with defects. Toyota dealers have been repaired millions of vehicles, but the car still faces more than 200 lawsuits related to the accident, with a lower sale value of Toyota vehicles and the drop in company stock.

In the aftermath of a recall, Congress is considering an upgrade to the automatic safety legislation to strengthen penalties against potential car-maker, the U.S. government gives more power to demand a recall and encourage car companies to meet new security standards. Toyota said last week will be remembered 17 000 Lexus luxury hybrid after tests showed that fuel can spill during rear-end crashes.
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