My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: 2012 Mercedes-Benz S-class

2012 Mercedes-Benz S-class

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When Mercedes F700 concept held odd years ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show, many speculated that it was destined to be futile in automotive styling. Not so according to people close to the project. Latest reports claim both the technology and car design will eventually make its way into the next generation S-Class due in 2012.

The tack-on body panels and lights placeholder element in the prototype is clearly a lot of details that will determine the next S-class, but there are plenty of camouflage does not hide. Profile and the proportion remained similar to the current car, but we hope to have an inch or more space between the axle on both short-and long wheelbase model-. LWB versions appear higher than today's S-class, and a curved roof line appears to relax on the back window of a touch more than it does today, S. Below stretches cladding, body side will be flowing fender contours and sweeping treatment of the current and future E-Class 2011 CLS-class. Unlike the models, however, eschews the grand saloon-looking chop for greenhouse ceiling height and large windows that remind us a lot of the S-class side-slab in the 1990s. Well, and the Popemobile.

Now, while the camouflage also preempts our ability to accurately predict the end of the styling front, we think this is the S-class will make a major leap in that area than its predecessor slowly evolved. Hope, such as fashion lately, lots of LED lights which are given in some "brand-defining" pattern. (Do not be fooled by the LED on the prototype of this, too, because they come from a S-class now). We thought the front end can take a lot of inspiration from the radical concept of the 2007 F700. The final prediction of our designs: A clamshell-style front hood (so to align with other models of Mercedes Benz-most) and, less elegant and bustle-backed excess baggage.

Like the current model, the new car will come for both the short and long wheelbase versions and will be supported by a variety of V6, V8 and V12 powerplants - both naturally aspirated and turbocharged. However, new to the lineup will be the introduction of four-cylinder model is adjusted. Mercedes F700 actually used for previewing new powertrain, called DiesOtto, longer provide instructions for what to expect in the next S-Class.
Mercedes F700 is also used for active preview of the new PRE-SCAN suspension, a system that scours the road ahead using two lasers and automatically adjusts the suspension accordingly. Another feature is the new Servo-HMI (Human Machine Interface), which is equipped with a virtual operating assistant that the driver can converse with. Expecting to see a similar system in the S-Class and toned down version of a new future in other models.
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