My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: Specification Modification Hyundai Getz

Specification Modification Hyundai Getz

Pursue sports with a touch of elegant appearance, now seemed to inspire some younger modifier. 2004 Hyundai Getz made a pretty face to make just a little, do not need because it is still too extreme for everyday use. However, this arrangement covers nearly the entire eksterior.Ini not many modifications, most importantly, allow the modification of delicious but simple.

car audio modivication

Continue to the audio, Hyundai Getz, which also functions as an entertainment center, making this a car owner gives special attention to the audio sector. Therefore, he gave up the trunk of the car serves as the audio. As the head unit is equipped with monitors indash "as well as audio devices, which are often used devices, such as power amplifiers, subwoofers, midrange speakers Auto Quart tweeters, and capacitor banks.

Spec hyundai getz MT 2004 modification :

Rolling Stock :
Fabulous Expand 18x8.5
Achilles ATR Sport 215/35

Interior :
MB-Tech Cover Seat
Shift Knob Momo

Eksterior :
OEM Hyudai Getz Bodykit
Custom Widebody
Red Wet Look Finishing
Custom Fiber Grill
Tail Pipe HKS
Custom Spring
Custom Shockbraker
Custom Chamber Kit
HID DSv2 8000K 45Watt

I.C.E :
Speaker : Symbion 2-way (front)
Symbion coaxial (rear)
Pioneer coaxial (rear)
Power Amp: Symbion 2000W 4-channel
Lanzar Monoblock 1500W
Cap Bank Symbion 1.5 Farad
Subwoofer : Rockford Fosgate P1 2pcs
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