My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: New Volvo S60, Cars That Can See

New Volvo S60, Cars That Can See

Volvo S60 with high-tech engine technology. Pedestrian Detection with the award-winning Full Auto Brake Technology used by the All-New Volvo S60 was rewarded as the Safety Car category winner at the annual awards from the media BusinessCar techies.

The technology was first used in the world can detect pedestrians in front of the car. If the driver was too late to respond, automatically braking the car in total so that pedestrians can avoid accidents.

"Volvo's commitment as a pioneer in the development of safety technologies unsurpassed in the automotive industry. And that's why the key to winning the Volvo Car Business techies for two consecutive years, "said Paul Barker, Editor-BusinessCar. Pedestrian Detection System for Volvo cars brought into areas not accessible for any manufacturer. "Volvo's City Safety is also a feature."

This system consists of a radar unit mounted in the grille the car, a camera in front of the interior rearview mirror, and a control unit. Radar task is to detect objects in front of the car and to determine the distance, while the camera is functioning to detect the type of object in front. This system can detect pedestrians, putting more than 80 cm, including small children.

In an emergency, the driver got a warning through the sound and lights in the head-up windshield display, but the brakes have not worked. If the driver does not respond to these warnings and the car accident was imminent, then the full braking automatically commanded directly by the 'brains' car.

This technology only works when the car is running under 34 km / hr. With Pedestrian Detection is expected to reduce the risk of a fatal accident by 20%, and up to 85% in certain cases.
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