My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: New Land Rover 2013

New Land Rover 2013

Land Rover Range-e Diesel Hybrid uses the basic concept of the Range Rover Sport, Land Rover is equipped with 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel mixing speed automatic transmission ZT eight.

Hybrid machine claims to produce a maximum speed of 120 mph, some 20 miles on battery power and CO2 emissions of less than 100 g / km.

The new compact place in 2013 Range Rover. With 2WD variant will emit less than 130 g / km of CO2 and will be "the lightest, most efficient fuel Range Rover ever,"
Now Land Rover — who still hasn’t officially dubbed the production model the ‘LRX’ — says that both 2WD and 4WD versions of the vehicle will be on sale in 2011… followed in 2013 by a diesel hybrid.

Previously, Land Rover had admitted to working on a plug-in hybrid diesel-electric version of their popular Range Rover Sport, which they said could be able to go 20 miles on a charge, have a 20 minute fast charge time and go on sale in 2012. This is the first we’ve heard of other models in the Range Rover line up getting the hybrid treatment — although it certainly makes more sense to do it to a smaller vehicle.

The 2WD, diesel hybrid, and plug-in options all highlight just how much of a struggle it is for a company like Land Rover to meet the needs of the times. Purists will surely scoff at the idea of a 2WD Land Rover, but when the company is up against such stringent requirements, what else are they to do? Wither and die?

Land Rover is set to reveal a new Defender for 2013. This can be extremely tricky because the reason Britain’s Jeep remained largely untouched since its birth is because of its loyal following. Customers like its basic utilitarian structure, which has made it a European workhorse. What will not help the new Defender’s acceptance with the loyalists is that it will likely be based on the Discovery in order to reduce costs. This will include trading in the coil spring suspension for an independent setup that may include air bags for adjusting ride height.

Land Rover currently sells about 25,000 Defenders per year. It’s now hoping that the updated and modernized vehicle will push sales to 40,000. No word yet on if this means a return of the Defender to the U.S. Land Rover had to stop selling the Discovery here in 1997 because of safety regulations, but a modern car may finally account for current rules.
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