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Car Audio Gallery

The reason underlying the popularity of car audio shows, throughout the world, is that they provide opportunities to share one’s love and interest in cars, compete with other car audio fans, and to win a prize and recognition. Car audio shows are cherished in many developed countries but especially in USA and Canada.
Car Audio Show
Today, the US has a number of organizations that arrange car audio shows for both American and foreign citizens. These organizations host car audio competitions in various categories that are open to members of the respective organizations from various countries.
SEMA Hyundai Elantra Beach Cruiser
IASCA, USACi, and dB Drag Racing are a few of the most famous organizations that arrange car audio shows in USA.
Hyundai Elantra Beach Cruiser Car Audio
Car audio shows are one of the dearest kinds of events for fans of cars audio systems. These shows allow car fans from various social and ethnic backgrounds to come together and share their interests and experiences of car audio systems.
Hummer Car Audio Show
Car audio shows are arranged by various organizations working in different geographical locations. These organizations update their members on upcoming car audio shows, competitions and prizes offered at the event, and availability of new car audio products.
JBL Car Audio Show
The three most famous US organizations that arrange domestic as well as international car audio shows are IASCA, USACi, and dB Drag Racing. Other car audio organizations are gradually making a firmer footing in the car audio business.
Nightly Car Audio Show
IASCA is a car audio organization based in the US state of Florida. It is open for membership to people from 26 different countries across the globe. Regarded as the oldest and the largest car audio competition organization, IASCA has hosted sound-quality-based competitions for quite some time. Lately, it has started arranging for competitions in the categories of SPL and idBL.
MTX Car Audio Show
To facilitate the preparation of its members for car audio shows, IASCA has its own online store that stocks accessory items like T shirts, attachГ© cases, and car audio software.

USACi stands for United States Autosound Competition International. It is based in Arkansas and has already become notable for its popularity among car audio enthusiasts. USACi hosts car audio competitions in two main formats: Sound Quality (SQ) format and Sound pressure Level (SPL) format.
JL Audio Car Stereo Show
Competitions in the SQ format are in turn divided into basic and advanced categories. A broader margin for potential competitors is provided by making divisions in each category and format on the basis of the auto’s power class. Besides the several power classes in the SPL format, the categories of the SQ format have two power classes: one up to 600 and the other over 600.
JVC Car Audio Show
The Texas-based car audio organization dB Drag Racing was initiated by Wayne Harris in 1996. Wayne himself is regarded as a renowned car audio competitor and sound off legend. His dB Drag Racing show offers the exciting title of the loudest vehicle to the competitors of the car audio show.
Kicker Car Stereo
The participants are categorized on the basis of the number of woofers in their system and the degree of modification of their car audio system. An exciting feature of dB Drag Racing competitions is the display of measurements on a large drag racing type that appears to the viewers like a tree of electronic display.
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