My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: Spesification Modification Honda S 2000

Spesification Modification Honda S 2000

The contest was a lot of automotive enthusiasts demand modifications, particularly modifications crazy. Not with the exception of Amir Hamzah, a direct transfer artificial 2000 Honda S2000 from a dealer in his garage. Now know will be conducted by a modification of one of the biggest contest in Jakarta. Previous call, Anca familiar dropped his car in the contest in the state standards without making changes. Because it looks already looks sporty, accessories attached to the S2000 also has an exclusive body.

However, his thoughts turn spontaneously. Especially after the master saw the modification of existing S2000 car modification magazine abroad. Therefore, spontaneously, without a concept, the Honda S2000 Anca renovate the property immediately before the modification was revealed in the arena of contest. "Modifications without this concept done quickly because the deadline for the contest only workmanship. It only takes about three weeks. Modification of the most important S2000 does not alter the appearance of extreme and still must show their original form.," Said Ari Purwanto as a modifier of the Honda S2000 .

Like the exterior, the modification only change the rise of the assembly Veilside body. So also with an extra wing design also Veilside. And to see more ciamik S2000 again, adding the modifier in pneumatic hood and trunk. Modifications to the interior continues, which changed the entire look of suede and standards with a layer of Carbon Kevlar. After the exterior and interior, the audio sector was also carried out large-scale operation. All audio devices embedded in the rear cabin, Anca entrust for Venom products. Such as power lines, speakers, subwoofer and also capassitor bank.

Although modifications spelled out a brief progress, but enough to get maximum results. In addition, several awards at the show succeed was obtained S2000 modification contest in 2007. "The owners are very satisfied with the results of modifications to the car While S2000 is a modification of the car first. But the results obtained from the maximum. Going forward, S2000 master will continue to modify another car because,. From the mere attempt to modify, arising inspiration to always follow the modification of the contest arena, "added Ari.

Year 2000 Honda S2000 Owner Amir Hamzah Exterior Veil Side front bumper, Veilside rear bumper, Veilside side kirt, Veilside kevlar + carbon lip spoiler, hood and trunk and hood Pneumatic, gun metal Spies Hecker paint colors meet, Holographixx Cargloss custom color, clear Spies Hecker Diamond coat HS

Rim foot Buddy Club P1 Racing R19, ZIEX 225/35/19 Falken tires, air suspension VIAIR

Interior Full Suede + Carbon Kevlar, Sparco pedals

Cr + Silicon Engines, Custom strutbar, Aki GS 80A Bosch 60A and Audio

Audio head unit DVH MP 5959 Pionner, Power 4 Channel Venom V4100, V2000 D monoblock power Venom, Venom front speakers 5-inch smart, intelligent Venom rear speakers 6-inch, 10 inch subwoofer 3110 VX Venom, Venom 1 F capacitor bank, Fugen front of the monitor 6.5-inch, 7 inch monitor the rear Fugen, Symbion RCA cable, M2V.
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