My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: Mercedes-Benz Hexawheel Concept

Mercedes-Benz Hexawheel Concept

Created by Iranian engineers Rouhi Dehkordi Siyamak machine. Hexawheel concept is a design study of off-road vehicle that combines extreme six-wheel layout and flexible framework with Mercedes-Benz design language-inspired.

It was designed by Iranian engineers Siyamak Dehkordi Rouhi. Hexawheel an extreme concept of a three-passenger off-roader is targeted to customers adventurers and those who must move in very diffficult conditions and terrain.

Inspired by the jointed structure of insects, which Hexawheel able to overcome great obstacles thanks to a flexible frame, combined with the layout and the system of six-wheel all-wheel-drive.

Frame has two degrees of freedom and is operated by hydraulic systems, diesel engine combined with hydraulic power transmission system is flexible.

Th main dimension is the total length of 4.8 meters, the same two wheelbases for 0.95 meters and 46 cm ground clearance, while the same weight is distributed among three aces.

Exterior design that uses a corner and saw the industry, interpreted for Mercedes-Benz brand.

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