My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: Fiat Uno 2011

Fiat Uno 2011

Generation five-door hatchback Fiat Uno 2011 launch in South America, and will be marketed in Brazil. Fiat Uno Flex fuel has a new 1.0-liter engine can produce 73 hp and 83 hp in the 1.4-liter with five-speed manual gearbox is standard.

New Fiat Uno in 2011 has a version of the green concept, called the Uno Ecology, with lower emissions and fuel economy better and create renewable materials can be recycled. On the exterior, the New United Nations has a roof mounted solar panels help keep the batteries charged. .. Woww can stop / start systems reduce fuel consumption.

The 2011 Fiat Uno front airbags and seat belts with pre-tensioner, non-compulsory items for every version of the new Fiat Uno models, complement the hood’s action, reinforcing safety. On the mechanical aspect, the new 2011 Fiat Uno incorporates solutions which ensure its stability and facilitate the driver maintain control of the vehicle in every situation. For the new 2011 Fiat Uno, the brakes were sized according to the version and the presence, or not, of ABS system.

Finally 2011 Fiat Uno, to create braking on slippery roads safer provides an anti-block system (ABS) on brakes as an optional item in all versions. The new 2011 Fiat Uno marks the premiere of the Fire Evo family of engines that strong points are reduction in fuel consumption and better use of energy, with lower emission of pollutants and noise. Developed by FPT – Powertrain Technologies in Brazil, the Evo family equips every versions of the new 2011 Fiat Uno with 1.0 liter and 1.4 liter engines. This construction reduces the engine friction on both sides.

The new 2011 Fiat Uno Fiat Uno comes to the market in 4 versions with various color such as yellow, red, black, etc, initially all of them with four doors (the two-door versions will be available on coming months. Vivace 1.0 Flex. Way 1.0 Flex. Attractive 1.4 Flex. Fiat Uno Attractive 1.4 Flex incorporates, in addition to the Fire 1.4 Evo engine. The new Fiat Uno has a contractual warranty of one year with no mileage limit.
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