My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: Take Your Car to the Next Level

Take Your Car to the Next Level

The Bluetooth car device has been with us for a while but it's made great leaps since it was first introduced. People have become quite aware how dangerous it can be to try to dial and talk on a cell phone while driving. The statistics are pretty stark and have been compared to same stats that are out about driving under the influence. Many states have turned their attention to the hazards of mobile phones and have outlawed them while drivers are behind the wheel. Luckily, the Bluetooth advances have great voice recognition packages that will keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road instead of on your phone. There's also wireless choices in Bluetooth kits so you could hook up your iPad for Internet surfing. But, again, it would be for surfing when you aren't flying down the road.

Bluetooth systems for your car come in two main flavors -- integrated and universal. The Integrated system runs through your car's stereo system, which generally gives you a fine sound quality and clarity. Universal systems provide a mobile speaker and microphone built into a unit that's relatively easy to fix on an out-of-the-way place such as the visor. Of course the good thing about the universal systems is that they are mobile and you can move them around as you change cars.

Another handy aftermarket gadget to consider is a backup camera installed into a video player. Car manufacturers are recognizing the need for greater visibility when backing up. Car owners have understood this need for quite a while now as they have bumped, dented and scraped their expensive rides because of poor visibility. Backup camera choices are plentiful in the custom marketplace and buying one on your own for your older model car or saving the expense of a factory extra added to your new car might be just the ticket.

Both the Bluetooth and backup camera will add value to your car -- both for you as you drive it and in case you are ready to sell it. This might be a time where money spent is money earned and that is a good thing.
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