My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: Audio Project Design

Audio Project Design

we try to assist you in designing a car audio to make it look eskotis and comfortable while accompanying you on the way, from here can be used as inspiration to modify desainya accordance with your ideas

NEW CR-V by Audio  Design Project

Silencer Ceiling Installation In First Stage of New CR-V

Silencer Floor Installation At NEW CR-V

Silencer Floor Installation At NEW CR-V

Cosmetic NEW CRV, With Concept Maintaining Existing Form Baggage.
Exploiting the Left and Right Baggage, And Utilize Existing Holes spare tire.
Without Compromising The placement and retrieval spare tire
Details Cosmetic New CR-V the Right 

Details Cosmetic New CR-V the Left

CR-V  Carby ZX Audio (Car Audio Installation)

Mitsubishi Eterna Car

Position Front Baggage, Baggage and Equipment Area and Can Used As usually:)
... Take a spare tire, too Feels Comfortable ...

Detail Work on the Right, Here With Placement Position One Power On the Right Luggage 

Detail Work on Next Left, Here With Placement Position Power Both In Next to the Left Baggage 

Grand Livina 1.8 Ultimate Car

Seat Position Normal, still can load the whole family without compromising audio

Seat Position slept in, so I can take the spare tirewithout the fuss

Seat Position Normal, at night (WOW ... BLUE ...) quirky and different

Suzuki APV ARENA Type L  Car

Baggage position, can still bring the goods as usual without disrupting your Car Audio:)

Power Amplifier comfortable position and does not interfere with the placement of goods in your luggage:)

The existence of an additional box that can be enabled to save a wrench tool car, and if in the future you wish to add a power amplifier again:)

Detail Work on Next to the Left ... ^ ^

Detail Work on the Right ... ^ ^

Baggage At Night ... wow cool!

 Livina Car by Audio Project Design (Car Audio Installation)

The position of the subwoofer that is planted to the bottom (use the spare tire space, without disrupting the spare tire they will), so you can still use the trunk as usual

Mobil Mitsubishi Eterna by ZX Audio (Car Audio Installation) Jakarta Pusat

Peugeot 306 Car by Audio Project Design (Car Audio Installation)

Subwoofer placement is in no way interfere with the trunk

Toyota Camry  Car by Audio Project Design (Car Audio Installation)

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