My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: New Toyota Yaris Generation

New Toyota Yaris Generation

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) are reportedly preparing Anyar generation Toyota Yaris hatchback. The information was circulated after several successful photographers capture Yaris 2011 model being tested in some streets in Germany.

Indeed, there is no detailed information on machine specifications and features Happenings latest generation of Toyota's hatchback. However, as preached, Monday (6 / 9), from a few photos that there is a noticeable length dimension, width, and height of the car was the same as the previous generation.

"However, the size and shape of C pillar looks more streamlined," wrote the page.
View more sporty face with a wider glass, similar to his brother Mini Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) Toyota Verso-S. Last model will be exhibited at the Paris Auto Show 2010 mat, next October.

Only, until now no good explanation of TMC launch schedule, marketing territory, until the price tag of Anyar generation Yaris that.

Several sources close to the manufacturer was quoted as saying, is now completing the process of TMC was tested against the model. The source who refused to be quoted by name was added, no longer a Japanese manufacturer that will be introduced to the public.
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