My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: Mercedes SLS Electric-powered 526 DK-magnitude

Mercedes SLS Electric-powered 526 DK-magnitude

Innovation from the German origin of the premium car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz is continuing. After the commotion made by SLS AMG launched its version last year, is now showing mercy of SLS prototype electric motor versions.

Since the SLS was first introduced last year AMG, Mercedes-Benz has apparently been set up gull-wing-door supercar (gill wing) in a version that is more environmentally friendly electric-powered. The first prototype is now ready to display with color laburan 'AMG Lumielectric Mango' bright yellow.

The car is yellow mango fruit has four electric motors located in the middle of the front and rear axles. The four are directly integrated with reduction gear which then plays four wheels.

Mercedes-Benz E-Cell SLS is driven by four electric motor unit attached to each wheel axle with integrated reduction gear to rotate all four wheels. These motors are capable of rotating on 12.000rpm with total power 526 hp and 880Nm of torque! The result, 00-60 miles / hour (96.5 km / h) can be achieved in a matter of four seconds.

Consequences installation of electricity in the front wheel motors require that the original front suspension uses double wishbone be replaced by a model of multi-link model with the push-rod damper model as used in F1 racing cars.

Position of lithium polymer batteries are separated between the 'middle of the tunnel' and the box behind the cockpit. Depositary electricity that could provide power equal to 480 kW (643 hp equivalent) This circuit is cooled by two separate cooler.

Front splitter that regulate air flow in front of the enlarged and serves to feed air flow received by a device at the rear diffuser to improve the style press (downforce), while the interior is equipped 10inci screen touchscreen tech in the center console.

According to the news, this is not just a prototype displays, but was able to drive like a production car. SLS Rencanaya AMG Mercedes E-Cell is not yet known this maximum speed would be thrown into the market around the year 2013.
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