My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: New KIA Soul "fungky"

New KIA Soul "fungky"

Just when you think "fungky" by driving import cars like the Scion, Nissan Versa and Honda Fit [Jazz], Kia comes with a Soul to update your beliefs about the ability of Asian Automotive Industry factory is not inexhaustible produce a unique vehicle.

Kia Soul comes with a wide selection of stylish colors, such as; White No.1, Vanilla Shake, Black Soul, Tomato Red, Cocktail Orange, Green Tea latte, Moon Light Blue, Java Brown, Blue Stone, Titanium Silver, Bright Silver. For its own premises, has not been established any color that will go to Indonesia, due to considerations of market and consumer tastes.

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Although much attention focused on the design of the exterior of the Kia Soul, automotive reviewers noted that the interior is not outdated. Autoblog mostly highlighting its "funky too stylish. Other automotive experts agree. Edmunds pointed out that" ergonomic layout of the cabin Soul makes sense, with all major controls are logically arranged and easy to reach by the driver. "Motor Trend was impressed with the interior of the Kia Soul also , found it "much more interesting than a traditional economy car," with an attractive style; sharp relief cabin, and a full list of safety features into cars so enjoyable. "everything is great!".

"Kia Soul won myriad awards in Europe", this word is not an exaggeration to reveal a futuristic and stylish product of this. In addition to the award-winning 10 cars coolest at 180 million (2009 Top 10 Coolest New Cars Under $ 18,000) option one of the editors automotive prestigious United States (U.S.) Kelley Blue Book, Cars urban crossover also earned five-star rating safety (5 - Star Euro NCAP safety rating) with the acquisition of a maximum score in Euro NCAP crash tests. And recently, tapatnya Monday (31 / 8) Kia Soul successfully won the award the Most Exciting Cars of 2010 (the Most Fun Car 2010) version of, TIME magazine's online edition.

Specification of "KIA Soul" at the premises may be slightly different from the "KIA Soul" in various countries, both in America and in Europe. Because Kia Soul will be assembled in Indonesia for the adjustment of the selling price and import tax. The following specifications "KIA Soul":

Technical Specification KIA Soul
Displacement (cc)
Max Power
(PS / rpm 124 / 6.300
Max Torque
(Kg.m / rpm) 15.9 / 4.300
Overall Length
(Mm) 4.105
Overall Width (mm)
Overall Height
Ground Clearance (mm) 164
Wheel Tread - Front (mm) 1.570
- Rear
(Mm) 1.575
Wheel & Tire:
R15 Alloy Wheel
195/65 R1
Front Disc with ventilation
Rear Disc
Airbags Single Airbag
Seat Belt - Front
3 Point ELR
- Rear
3 Point ELR + 2 Points
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