My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: Grand Vitara Modification

Grand Vitara Modification

Grand Vitara
Suzuki Grand Vitara looks to rebuild it. As one class gacoan Suzuki Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), a modified flow Dub City fit for body fat. The selected concept is the result of Suzuki-party talks with the modifier, Edwin of Autospot. "This concept fit for the Grand Vitara who want to look stylish in the city,"said Edwin. Understand it, the impression of bling-bling and lavish affection whenever they have taken the road in heavy terrain.

Rim of the ring 22 labeled EXE Pegasus selected the scented chroom. Nuance kinclongnya provide significant value in maintaining the concept of Dub City. Body alteration was done modifiers hung region Kebayoran Baru, West Jakarta this. Extreme but quite comfortable to the eye. Round front-rear bumper and spare tire throw home in the back door is enough to make appearances Grand Vitara is more sweet.

They say this car you can take home to add to Rp 83.6 million from the standard price. But with that much money you are also entitled to the audio device Swan Ice 2 Din DVD-701 6.5?, two Swan Ice headrest monitors 7 and Swan Ice satellite & subwoofer. Tires are made of thin slip more impressed causing luxury car on the side. Modifier also do not forget to display the nuances of sport by adding various parts of the bodykit and spoiler to look macho in the street.
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