My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: New Daihatsu Sirion Color, Pict & Reviews

New Daihatsu Sirion Color, Pict & Reviews

Buyers can gain confidence from the fact that shares the basics of the Toyota Yaris hatchback with more expensive.

The Sirion is currently in the second generation and has increased rapidly over the last generation. Cheerful five-door hatchback is powered by two petrol engine options, a unit, 1.3 liter 87bhp and 102bhp, 1.5 liter engine also found in the Daihatsu Materia.

Larger engine has enough power to lend 965kg hatchback with decent performance, especially in the city limits. Both engines are mated to a four-speed automatic transmission.

Interior space is surprisingly good for the hatchback at this price. The Sirion can seat four comfortably, especially for short urban congestion. Quality plastic and dashboard layout is also good.

Has a slightly smaller boot space with rear seats up but with only two occupants and the rear seats folded to free 630 liters of cargo space. As big Materia, Sirion storage bag and box lots of innovative features in the cabin. A double-meter instrument console also houses a digital display for the current fuel level and fuel consumption data.

Sirion is available in two trim options, standard and deluxe for both 1.3 liter and 1.5-liter model. Standard equipment includes air conditioning, integrated audio system and power windows. Safety equipment includes dual front airbags, ABD with EBD and traction control. 14-inch steel wheels while the standard fitment trim deluxe version comes with alloy wheels shod.
Had word got out, that PT Astra Daihatsu Motor launches new products will be AT 2010 Husband. However, Not All Want the latest variants are shown in Daihatsu, but rather the Sirion ON Product Innovation for Husband Who has a LOT of gear Society Created.

According Tonison, if the previous Sirion granted only 5 colors, times the husband would be prepared Sirion New Articles The more eccentric colors, namely pink.

"Daihatsu Sirion Femme intended for You Women. Later Husband The Role of Women and the Women's Big 45 percent of users are Sirion," explained Tonison to, Tuesday (14/9/2010) in his room.

As the name implies, compact dimensions citycar Husband Present THE young woman wants the vehicles to support the day-to-day activities, BUT Equipment Show feminine. How regular are not, indeed change in a number of deliberately aimed to show the feminine side of the car owner's singing. Most striking of blooming pink color The theme of the exterior body color.

Appearances Sirion Daihatsu Sirion Femme sweet more than usual. First, the color of the pink. Secondly, the rear spoiler, parking sensors, berkelir Black and pillars. SIBOR, in the Name of the interior, the Chicken will find the seats and leather door panels, Tissue Box, Trash Can, height adjuster, bag hooks and in the Front seat back, tray in the trunk, And shades of the flowers cluster at the center door and the back.

"The plan will be introduced Sirion Additions Husband month in Pekanbaru, Range of New Media at Rp 165 million. We are still waiting for the certainty of the presence of the ATPM Products... "
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