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New Toyota Sienna 2011

The New Toyota Sienna was redesigned for 2011, and observers agree that the minivan is much better than before. No longer stuck behind the Honda Odyssey, the new Sienna took a former class leader in the dynamics and comfort, while the loss of soft style that marked previous Sienna. Most reviewers say that Sienna 2011 is the best minivan on the market.

The first change most will notice in 2011 Sienna is revised exterior. Muscular and beautiful, the new Sienna implant design style to a segment that is marked by anonymity. Car and Driver echoes feelings of most reviewers, saying, "We can go so far as to call the search Sienna minivan is still there-the best." Stepping in the 2011 Sienna reveals an all-new interior as well. While reviewers criticized some of the materials, most agree that both are designed with intuitively placed controls.

Starting from $ 24,260, the base Sienna is equipped with tri-zone air conditioning, power windows and door locks, seven airbags, cruise control, LED taillights and alloy wheels. The base Sienna minivan is one of the least expensive, but Dodge and Kia also offers a minivan with a starting price similar. Although the Sienna can be extremely expensive when fully charged, most of the models is a strong value for the class.

While the review comments on the slow acceleration of the base-liter four-cylinder 2.7-new engine, some argue it is quite adequate in most driving situations. The optional 3.5-liter V6 receives high praise for, a strong and subtle nature of fuel efficiency (four-cylinder Siennas is EPA-rated at 19/24, while the V6 models are rated at 18/24). The Sienna also stands as the only minivan on the market to offer all-wheel drive is optional.

New for 2011 is the sporty SE model. Reviewer says SE oxymoron that works. It's only available in front-wheel drive with V6 power, and observers expressed great pleasure in returning the steering wheel and suspension setup - though looks sporty which may not be for everyone.

Other minivan to Consider
Despite the fact that General Motors and Ford have abandoned the minivan market that supports the crossover, the Sienna still face high competition. The biggest competitor is the Honda Odyssey. Although the consensus among reviewers that the new Sienna minivan is king, 's perch Toyota will be challenged next year when it releases redesigned Honda Odyssey. Reviewers generally supports the driving characteristics of the Odyssey of the Sienna, commented that only the sporty SE Sienna can compete with the Odyssey to road manners.

Dynamic short fall compared with Sienna and Odyssey, the Town & Country, Dodge Grand Caravan is a feasible alternative to current efforts Toyota minivan. Although Chrysler and Dodge have interior material is worse than Sienna, they offer more storage space, including underfloor storage in the second row. This storage can also house a second row stowable seats - something to consider if you regularly transport large items.

Toyota Sienna
Those who seek to examine the value of the Kia Sedona, which starts at about $ 2,000 less than the Sienna and equipped with standard V6 power. However, buyers should know it also rides on a wheelbase 5.5 inches shorter than the Sienna - which means offering less interior room. If you need more space, you can buy Sedona LX models, which ride on the same wheelbase size Sienna - but also started at almost the same price with the Sienna, so it will not save money.

While Sienna Toyota was not involved in the accelerator pedal recall, some critics have begun to raise questions about the quality Toyota. For its part, Toyota says remains committed to quality and safety. Toyota has set an override brake system in 2011 Sienna, the bypass valve when the brake pedal is pressed.
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