When have our own car audio installation always start to think about this: the greater the capital investment, the greater and the better the sound. Although as many will know this is not always true because many times we can have the best teams of the best brands but the connection or some little details can make that perfect sound becomes full of coins the machine moving. In this article we will discuss what is necessary for our first installation as simple improvements can make a facility a beacon for economic rumba phone.
The important thing is to identify the need
Many people invest heavily in a range which does not use expensive or half of the functions. It is important to know what you want, a simple sound to travel or a facility with a powerful sound for competitions.

The Radio
The choice of a good radio is essential if we want our team has a good sound car. Sometimes it is much better to opt for simple radios, which complicated audio workstations touch with a myriad of functions. Remember that most of the time we will be driving so a simple radio is a good choice. Although this has improved because many manufacturers like Pioneer and JVC radios tactile develop a simple interface optimized for drivers.

Clear that if we play well, we recommend a radio with a good set of EQ, 3 band on (Low, Mid and Treble) while more bands better. Many will agree with radios with USB input, the truth is very efficient and avoid waste and mess of discs. A good flash drive can hold all the music necessary for our rumba.

the speakers
As many know, the speakers are designed for different jobs based on the sound spectrum. The design is as important as the location of these, so we should not remain blind to the fact the most expensive buy but know they locate. Now discuss each to answer questions.

Speakers for low frequencies
We can say that is the main feature of musical sound and aesthetic. Clearly, without exaggerating the installation of low-frequency speakers gives it that touch of power and the sound quality that we seek. In the market there are many brands such as Kicker, Pioneer, Rockford Fosgate, among other presentations that vary according to the taste of each. But now, what matters is not simply buy the speaker, but unknowingly installed with the appropriate manufacturers' specifications in order to obtain full power.
Many people do not realize what is called the displacement of the speakers. Each speaker brings a displacement or volume which is necessary to work in a box. This displacement varies if the drawer is closed, or ventilated. Hence we notice is that we want to achieve more than the speaker sounds good, when the volume is distorted and does not give what he says. To find the displacement is necessary to resort to manual manufacturing found in the manufacturers' web pages and the documentation that comes with the speaker when it is purchased.
 Speakers for mid and high
To have a good musical spectrum is necessary to have a good combination of mid and treble. The commonly called "rafts" or 6x9 are of vital importance in the installation, as it is as if we had several speakers within oneself, that is, mid and treble combined into one.
Of course, the impediment is that the sound is not as clean as having means on one side and treble side. Although it is best recommended to try to get everything in separate ways.

The means are excellent and very good brands but some are very expensive, the important thing is to keep the ratio of expenses to not invest too much and falling short of cash and have not completed the installation.

Amplifiers or "Plants"
They are practically the heart of any audio installation but often buy high-power amplifiers without the great need. The power amplifiers must always be proportional to that required by the installation. This is known in the manuals seeing the amount of RMS speakers who need to operate.
Another problem with amplifiers is heat, are ringing and suddenly get hot and go out. If that happens it possible to place the amplifier in a place where air can circulate something and not suffocate. Some people add heat sinks to the amplifiers to avoid this problem.

Another issue that affects the amplifier's wiring, where possible using cable ORIGINAL SERIES, for the current and the output are of the highest possible quality.

The correct location is the secret

To achieve a perfect finish at frequencies in the graph below show how the elements should be located in the car audio installation.

In the front is advisable to place the treble and the low back, that will create a nice surround sound internal ideal for travel and listen on a long journey. Many to others in the rear 6x9 added to the trunk lid have a mobile holiday season.
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