My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: Car Audio | Audio Component Speakers

Car Audio | Audio Component Speakers

Since the automobile was created, there have been many inventors looking to improve their cars with their own work. The car-audio systems are just the same in that hobbyists have constructed a dizzying array of systems from car audio component speakers to systems requiring vans to carry.

When planning a new car stereo car audio system, you have to begin with the car stereo. Models can be found featuring CD changers, sophisticated displays, or even just a simple radio. Many systems are designed simply with volume in mind, featuring a high power output rating that also has a very limited frequency range. For a wider frequency range with smoother response, consider higher fidelity systems that make the sound clearer and crisper, albeit without the overpowering bass "thud." If you listen to classical, loudly or not, you probably want a system focused more on fidelity than sheer volume. On the other hand, classic rock demands to be played loud! Your choice in car audio should be in part decided by your musical tastes.

Audio Component Speakers Audio Component Speakers

Selecting the right car audio speakers is not rocket science. Most stereo systems have four component speaker outputs, whose output has two measurements, impedance and power. Impedance is measured in ohms, and the power is measured in watts. These specifications can be quite technically complicated, but for the normal user, it is a simple matter to match exactly the impedance of the speakers with the stereo output channel, and that the wattage of the speaker is equal to or greater than the stereo channel. If you do at least that, then you can enjoy your music !
Audio Component SpeakersAudio Component Speakers

If you aren't satisfied with the sound coming from your car's stereo, and you want a louder, high-fidelity system, you'll need to get a separate amplifier. After you install the amplifier into your existing stereo, it will read the stereo's signal, amplify it, and then output this increased signal to your speakers. It's easy to add car audio component speakers with an amplifier - just be sure to use the output specifications of the amplifier and not the specifications of your stereo!

Lay out of the car needs to be examined after outlining the specifications of the system that one wants. If one doesn't want do do some big modifications then one needs to order speakers of the proper dimensions suitable to the audio car component which are available in many standad sizes - six inch diameter for example. Amplifiers can be placed at a convenient place anywhere so that it can be connected with wires to all the speakers as well as the stereo.

After you have decide on this you would be ready to install your system. The installation varies greatly from car to car but one common thing is to ensure that the car is off and the battery is disconnected at the time of installation. The car and the stereo both have manuals outlining the procedure of installation, and it is finally up to ones determination to install the system.

Audio Component Speakers
Audio Component Speakers
Innovations in car-audio systems have led to an array of systems from car audio component speakers to systems for vans. The car stereo car audio system starts with car stereo with features CD changers/fancy displays/just a radio and systems may focus on loudness/quality of sound as required. One should ensure that the impedance on the speakers, matches with stereo output channel, to avoid speaker damage. Driving the speakers normally is from an internal amplifier and for louder/high fidelity system from external amplifier of the car stereo. Car layout determines the size of speaker and location. During installation make sure your car is off, and the battery disconnected.
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