My Zimbio Car Speaker Modification: Car Audio Head Units in 2010

Car Audio Head Units in 2010

Sadly, until now we frequently still see some cars running with these installed. You might even see tuners which need to be turned and scrolled until you get to just the spot for each radio station until you get to hear the radio play without the scratching noise.

A new feature that is available today is the overall design of the whole system. Head units have become sleeker, stylish and very accessible. Distractions are one of the things you don't need to have while driving. The old models need a lot of attention before it can function properly. The system needs to be adjusted frequently buttons need to be pushed constantly and the audio platform does not have that much functionality either. Today's design offers style and function all wrapped up in a sleek and slim look. Touch screens now offers the best accessibility and lessens the distractions that operating it may cause. The now wide screen monitors help you operate the device much easier, added with the much needed Bluetooth access for a much comfortable hands free experience.

Lastly, another new feature for the latest head unit is the programs and the applications involved. They can no longer just play AM and FM, they also play most media files available today from audio to video and even to the latest blue ray movies.

The head unit now utilizes accessibility even for external storage devices such as USBs, hard drives and even cell phones. A great improvement from radio signals is the capability to access satellite feed both for audio and navigation purposes. You can now access a wide number of stations and much clearer sounds because it can now access data from satellites all over the world.

Not only is it able to provide audio, nowadays, global positioning systems are much more accurate and completely guides you through a programmed human voice how which way to turn, what is the estimated time of arrival and how much distance needs to be covered after you have inputted your desired destination. Another function that it offers is the simultaneous working of all your car audio components and even monitors through one head unit, this can synchronize all your devices through wireless connection.

Playlists also offers much needed comfort, presetting your desired media files and putting them in a designated playlist makes your sound experience very easy. You can simply play everything in a single click and even change your music depending on your moods. This completely eliminates having to change disks, change stations and distractions.
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